Innovative drug infusion technology for laboratory animals.

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Summary of the SMP-200 Summary of the SMP-300
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  • EventWe will exhibit iPRECIO®at the Experimental Biology 2015 which is scheduled for March 28 - April 1 2015, Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA , on booth 225. Come and see our new pump, the iPRECIO SMP-300 for mice or larger.

    January 11, 2015

  • NewsNotocord and Primetech Corporation collaborate to release IPD30a for iPRECIO Dual Control with NOTOCORD-hem Evolution for Europe. Find out more here: IPD30ab: iPRECIO® Dual pump acquisition server and controller.

    Contact us to get a copy of the following Scientific Publication:-

    Milano S., Bory C., Lege P., Chalencon E., Gilbert K., Koeppel F.
    Evaluation of iPRECIO® – Dual Channel Pump: A Safety Pharmacology Study Case in the Cynomolgus Monkey
    Safety Pharmacology Society Annual Conference, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Sept 16th to 19th 2013

    September 19, 2014

  • NewsBibliography Section updated.
    New references were added to the bibliography section. These include publications in American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology, American Diabetes Association 74th Scientific Session and much more, []

    July 12, 2014

  • EventWe will exhibit iPRECIO®at the Neuroscience 2014 Annual Meeting which is scheduled for November 15th to 19th 2014 in Washington DC at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center on booth 2619. Pick up our latest technology report and register to get new product news.

    July 11, 2014

  • NewsiPRECIO® Dual Video has been added. Click here to see the new video. Don’t forget our Micro Infusion Pump videos for mice and rats.
    You can see the SMP-300/IMS-300 (mice or larger) video: Click here.
    You can see the SMP-200/IMS-200 (rats or larger) video: Click here.

    April 2, 2014


Our Mission with
iPRECIO Product Portfolio:

Make it as easy as possible to evaluate efficacy of molecules/agents in different animal models and species.

Make the results as relevant as possible to the clinic. (Exposure profile, quantitative pharmacology, untethered free moving (stress free, group housing (socialization), ..…)

The use of iPRECIO® pumps will have a positive impact on experimental conditions and the relevance of results achieved. Initial costs maybe higher but in the long run the use of the pump could be cost saving in the context of the whole compound development.

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