Innovative drug infusion technology for laboratory animals.

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Support Documents and Technical Notes

Compatibility test <Compatible solvents/vehicles for iPRECIO>

You can request for our support materials of your interest from our contact us page from this website.

Frequently Asked Questions <FAQ>

This FAQ incorporates the most frequent question and answers for iPRECIO pumps.

Technical Note : Performance of the iPRECIO® Pumps.

Flow infusion accuracy of iPRECIO pumps (in-vitro testing). Contents of this technical note is included in the technology page. See Performance of iPRECIO pumps (in-vitro testing) page.

Technical Note : Recommendation for Intravenous Administration.

This technical note outlines best practice implantation for iPRECIO pumps for long term continuous administration.

*Includes recommendation of catheters and couplers.

Technical Note : Recommendations for Subcutaneous Administration.

This technical note defines best practice subcutaneous infusion administration site and iPRECIO pump placement and implantation.

Technical Note : Recommendations for Intraperitoneal Administration.

This technical note defines best practice intraperitoneal infusion administration site and iPRECIO pump placement and implantation.

Technical Note : Recommendations for Intracerebral Administration.

This technical note defines best practice intracerebral infusion administration site and iPRECIO pump placement and implantation. 322OP: Starter Kit Cranial Infusion Kit for iPRECIO® Pump and 322OP/Kit: Cranial Infusion Kit for iPRECIO® pump are supplied by Plastics One ® (

Technical Note : Recommendations for Intrathecal Administration

This technical note defines the best practice intrathecal infusion administration using iPRECIO® pumps with customized intrathecal catheter part number 0220 from Recathco(

Technical Note : Materials Compatibility Kit for iPRECIO® Pump

This technical note defines the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for evaluating the compatibility of vehicle/solvents and agents to iPRECIO®.

Technical Note : SOPsfor fow validation of iPRECIO® pumps.

This technical note defines the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for flow accuracy validation based on residual/remaining solution in iPRECIO pumps.

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