Innovative drug infusion technology for laboratory animals.

Performance of iPRECIO®      


Pumps and Programs

The experiment was performed using 15 pumps which were programmed with the same infusion protocols; Instant/Variable mode, 1μl/h, 15μl/h, 30μl/h. The infusion protocols programmed with the iPRECIO Management Software ver. 1.1 rev. 349. In addition, 3 control pumps were used as reference for evaporation rates from the pumps and tubing during the study. Pumps were filled as normal but were not programmed and not activated.

Applying Pressure to Pump Method

The outlet tubing of the 15 test pumps and 3 control pumps were pressurized to 80cmH2O with a water column to simulate in vivo environment for intra-venous infusion.

Assessment Procedure

Change of pump weight was adopted as the method to evaluate the flow rate accuracy of each pump. The initial pump weights with 900μl saline were measured with an analytical digital balance. The decreased pump weights were used as the pumps’ infusion volume. Activated pumps were placed in a 38°C air incubator, and each pump weight was measured twice at two different times daily. The pumps were also refilled with saline warmed to 38°C before the reservoir becomes empty according to the recommended refilling schedule of the management software. After refilling, the new weight becomes the initial pump weight until the next refilling.

Flow Rate Accuracy Calculation Method

The accuracies of the pumps were obtained by comparing the measured total infusion volume of the test pumps with the expected or programmed volume (Scheduled Total Infusion Volume). The global flow rate accuracy of the test pumps at the different time points were obtained by comparing the gradient or slope of the best fit line with the theoretical slope based on flow rate programmed flow rates.


Blue line: Scheduled Total Infusion Volume with +/- 5% dots line.

Best fit lines:
 1.0 μl/h: y = 0.9981x + 1.111 (N=14)
15.0 μl/h: y = 14.62x + 3.6905 (N=15)
30.0 μl/h: y = 29.3x - 1.3982 (N=15)

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