Innovative drug infusion technology for laboratory animals.

Long battery Life      


The battery life is up to 6 months at a flow rate of 1.0μL/hr continuously.
You can confirm the estimated battery life on the PC Screen when you set the infusion protocol with the iPRECIO Management Software.

Flow Rate Infusion Time Total Volume
Time (h) days (approx)
30.0μL/hr 196 hr 1 week 5.8 ml
19.0μL/hr 307 hr 1.8 weeks 5.8 ml
8.5μL/hr 669 hr 1 Month 5.6 ml
1.0μL/hr 4,328 hr 6 Months 4.3 ml




The technology driving the infusion is a patented "Rotary Finger" method. This method is a unique form of peristalsis.
The precise "micro-stick" pushes a rubber tube in the pump in a uniform and sequential manner.
The accuracy of iPRECIO is +/-5%.

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