Innovative drug infusion technology for laboratory animals.

Benefits of iPRECIO®      



Implantable Programmable Refillable

SMP-300 has the same/similar benefits to the SMP-200. Additional programming steps (16 instead of 10) and re-programmable in-vivo makes the solution more flexible and powerful.

Accurate infusion at programmed time points

  • Better than ±5% accuracy of programmed flow-rate

Programmable Infusion Rate

  • Recovery Period
  • Dose Escalation/De-escalation Studies
  • Wash-out periods
  • Complex Infusions (daily/weekly repeat dosage, circadian rhythm, ……… )

Complex pharmacokinetic and tolerance studies based infusion protocols including constant continuous dose, circadian rhythm infusion to complex “oral dosage simulations” three times per day. Further, iPRECIO® enables to test the relevance of dosing time or dosing protocol on the therapeutic index of small and large molecules.


  • Multiple drugs
  • Multiple solvents/vehicles
  • Multiple concentrations of drug(s)

Increase study effectiveness by testing multiple drugs/vehicles within one animal. This enhanced flexibility is made possible by using wash-out periods between drug administration when only saline is infused to keep catheter patent.

Combination of Refillable and Programmable makes iPRECIO® an extremely flexible and versatile infusion pump.


  • Tetherless free moving animal model.
  • No exit wounds. (reduced infection risk)
  • No wires or connections to animal to allow stress free infusion.

Combined with Drug Infusion and Telemetry Bio-Signal Measurement

iPRECIO® infusion pumps which are implantable, programmable and refillable will provide benefits of syringe pumps and other implantable pumps combined in one unit. In combination with this gold standard of telemetry, sophisticated implantable infusion pumps will lead to ever more sensitive and powerful means of detecting drug induced therapeutic and/or adverse effects.

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