Innovative drug infusion technology for laboratory animals.

Specifications of iPRECIO®      



Micro Infusion Pump iPRECIO®

Infusion Method Rotary Finger Method (patented peristalsis)
Reservoir 900μL Built-in Elastic Reservoir
(Medical Grade SIBS)
Tubing Inner Tubing : Medical Grade SEBS
Outer Tubing : Medical Grade SEBS
Activation Method IR Communication
Data Communication
Range of Flow Rate 1.0μL/hr - 30.0μL/hr (Resolution : 0.1μL)
Accuracy < ± 5 % (under 0 – 80cm H2O pressure)
Battery Life 6 Months at 1.0μL/hr - 1 week at 30.0μL/hr
Size / Weight 38.7 (L) X 19.2 (W) X 9.7 (H) mm / 7.9g
Type of Usage Disposable
Package Sterilized blister package (5pcs/box)

Sterilized Blister Package
Pump (5pcs/box )

iPRECIO® Management System

iPRECIO® Management Software (requires Windows XP, 7 or 10 and USB port)
Management of Infusion Protocol
Study Name, Number/ID, Date, Experiment Period, Section Name, Operator, Number of Groups/Animals,
Animal Species, Strain, Age, Compound Name/ID, Concentration, Buffer Name, Administration Route, etc.
Automated Recognition of Pump ID/Caliblation Factor
Pump Programming via-PC
Programmable Parameters Start day / time, Stop day / time, and Flow rate.
Infusion Mode Selection 1. Instant Infusion Mode
2. Post Recovery (Delayed) Infusion Mode
Flow Rate Mode Selection 1. Constant Flow Rate Mode
2. Variable Flow Rate Mode (maximum : 10 Flow rate steps)
* In Variable Flow Rate Mode, Repeat Mode is selectable to obtain up to 2500 flow rate steps.
Dead Volume Setting Catheter diameter / length or Actual volume
Flushing Setting Flushing Rate and Replacement timing.
Off-Line Management of Infusion Schedule Management (Exchange schedule, Refill date/time, Alarm,
Elapsed time & volume infused, etc.)
Re-calibration of iPRECIO pump
Upload of Pump's log


iPRECIO® Data Communication Device
Interface USB / Serial Interface
Communication with Pump IR Communication
Power Supply PC USB or AAA batteries
Size / Weight 120 (L) x 67 (W) x 35 (H) mm / 147g (include battery)
Accessories 1 USB cable (1m), 2 AAA batteries


iPRECIO® Management System consists of:
Data Communication Device
USB cable, 2 AAA batteries
iPRECIO® Management Software Installation CD
iPRECIO® User Manual
Management System

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