Innovative drug infusion technology for laboratory animals.


Wireless programming allows all pumps to be conveniently detected, assigned, programmed and monitored via our IMS-310R iPRECIO Management system. Once completely programmed wirelessly, the iPRECIO SMP-310R Pumps will independently infuse as programmed until completed or aborted without any further communications with the IMS-310R.

In ideal conditions* with a small number pumps, SMP-310R Micro Infusion Pump allows in-vivo re-programming for maximum flexibility. If no effect is detected, pump may be re-programmed to infuse at a higher flow rate. A higher concentration drug/TA may also be used. Communications Availability (Comms Avail) of SMP-310R may be programmed to maximize battery life or maximum responsiveness. Options are provided in Infusion Profile (Group ID) settings.

*ideal conditions: every minute communication availability, low external wireless interferences, pumps close to programming station, etc. Contact Primetech Corporation ( to discuss in more detail in-vivo requirements.

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