Innovative drug infusion technology for laboratory animals.

Summary of iPRECIO®      


The World's First Totally Implantable, Programmable
Micro Infusion Pump for Small Animal Infusion

Micro Infusion Pump iPRECIO®


  • Accurate patented Rotary Finger Method
    • Every pump is factory tested and calibrated
      Better than ±5% accuracy
    • 0, 0.2, 0.5 and 1.0µl/hour to 30.0 µl/hour in 0.1µl/hour steps
      294 discreet infusion flow-rates
    • Programmable infusions protocols (simple and complex)
    • Battery life of up to 6 months (continuous 1.0µl/hour)
  • Totally implanted in subcutaneous space
  • Refillable (reservoir) percutaneously via refill port with re-sealable septum
  • With iPRECIO® catheters, test your drug's effects nearly anywhere
  • Easy to use menu driven software for infusion protocol programming

iPRECIO® is an Ultimate Choice

“This implantable infusion pump uses a patented, microprocessor controlled peristalsis mechanism for accurate controlled flow. It is the only implantable and programmable pump for small laboratory animals. iPRECIO® can infuse fluids continuously for as long as six months and it can be refilled via a percutaneously accessible port. ”

Implantable Programmable Refillable

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