Innovative drug infusion technology for laboratory animals.

Specifications of iPRECIO®      

Dual Inlet Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Dual Inlet Ambulatory Infusion Pump iPRECIO® DUAL
Infusion Flow-rates 0.6 mL/hour - 120 mL/hour (Resolution: 0.06 mL/hour) Unit: mL/hour
10 µL/min - 2,000 µL/min (Resolution: 1 µL/min) Unit: µL/min
Accuracy +/- 5% system accuracy with cartridge (under 0-50cmH2O pressure)
Infusion Protocols Bolus, intermittent, continuous and custom
Infusion Mechanism Rotary Finger Method (patented peristalsis)
Reservoir volumes 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, custom
Battery Life At least 23 hours or total infusion volume of 100 ml
Battery DB-L50 Li-ion battery 3.7V 1880mA
(Rechargeable 200 times by 3.0-4.2V, 600mA external input)
Communications IEEE 802.15.4 (Compatible with Orchesta® software and wireless network)
Size (mm) 117 x 77.4 x 23 (with connectors)
Weight 186 g (with battery and cartridge)
Warranty One year
Service Life 5 years or 20,000mL
Ordering part number DMP-100
Disposable Cartridge
Discharge amount / rotation 46µL
Service Life Total discharge amount 1,000 mL
Inner tube ID 1.15mm, OD 2.5mm, material SEBS
Type of Usage Disposable
Sterilization EOG 2 years from production date
Package EtO Sterilized blister package (5pcs/box)
Ordering part number DUAL-CTR(5)

Blister Package

Pump ( 5 pcs / box )

iPRECIO DUAL Pump and its disposable cartridge
iPRECIO® Dual Pump (DMP-100) consists of:
1 of iPRECIO® Dual Pump
1 of Diaposable Cartridge
2 of Lithium Li-Ion Batteries
1 of Battery Recharger
1 set of Power Adaptor and cable for battery recharger
iPRECIO® Dual with the disposable cartridge

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